Enterprise quality management system

The updated control system in the field testing for combines ACROS, VECTOR
Instrument panel PP-U(K)

Enterprise quality management system


A list of RD used in the NPF ATI productio

  • RD 264 31654-01-2017 Quality management system. Manual control electrostatic discharge (ESD control).
  • RD 264 31654-02-2017 Quality management system. Guidance on climate control.
  • RD 264 31654-03-2017 Quality management System. Guidance on cleaning of the facilities.
  • RD 264 31654-04-2017 Quality management system. Manual for the management of nonconforming products.
  • RD 264 31654-05-2017 Quality management system. Management of lighting of workplaces inside the administrative and production building. Manual for verification of purchased products.
  • RD 264 31654-07-2017 Quality management system. Guidance on the management of planning, development, maintenance, identification, recovery, seizure and storage of documents.
  • RD 264 31654-08-2017 Quality management system. Manual control for quality of records.
  • RD 264 31654-09-2017 Quality management system. Internal audit manual. Planning. Auditing.
  • RD 264 31654-10-2017 Quality management system. Corrective and preventive actions.
  • RD 264 31654-11-2017 Quality management system. QMS documentation.
  • RD 264 31654-12-2017 Quality management system. Guidance on managing procurement.
  • RD 264 31654-13-2017 Quality management system. Guidance on monitoring compliance with technological discipline.
  • RD 264 31654-14-2017 Quality management system. Production management manual.

Typical technological processes (operations) used in the NPF «ATI» Plc production

  • ATI.02280.00001 Application of brazing paste by screen printing.
  • ATI.02280.00002 Automatic component installation on KP PP by surface mounting.
  • ATI.02280.00003 Melting of brazing paste in a convection oven.
  • ATI.02280.00004 Laser marking of products and printed boards.
  • ATI.02280.00006 Cleaning printed circuit assemblies.
  • ATI.02280.00007 Cutting group of workpieces on a separate circuit nodes.
  • ATI.02280.00008 Manual installation with soldering station.
  • ATI.02281.00005 Surface- mount lines.
  • ATVL.02281.00001 Assembly and wiring.
  • ATVL.02281.00002 Assembly and wiring.
  • ATVL.02180.00001 Soldering by surface mounting.

The electronic archive the KB LOCMAN was implemented in the framework of the "Quality management system»

8D management of nonconformities. It was Implemented within the " Quality management system»