Information panel PI-142-03M

Control panel PU-142-03M
Exhibition “Agrosalon” 2018

Information panel PI-142-03M


Price: 37 800 (without VAT)

It is intended for reception and processing of information on a condition of systems, units and knots of the combine, output of results of processing on indication and formation of sound signals and speech messages.

It can be installed on the following types of combine harvesters produced by Rostselmash:

Acros 530/550; Acros 535; Acros 560, Acros 580, Acros 580E;
Vector 410; Vector 420, Vector 420E, Vector 450 Track,
RSM 1401/1403, RSM 1402, RSM 1701, RSM 082, KSU-1, F-1300, DON 680M

Development of the PI-142-03

  • Modern black and white display with improved performance in brightness, contrast and viewing angles.
  • Color independent indicators of emergency events.
  • Full interchangeability with previous modifications of panels PI-142, PI-142-03.

Functional features

  • Displays information about the status, operating mode and key performance indicators.
  • Collects  information from different types of sensors.
  • Records emergency situations and maintains an electronic event log.
  • Analyses continuously signal circuits, external devices and sensors to identify their emergency operation with subsequent indication of this situation
  • Forms audio and voice messages to alert the operator.
  • Exchanges information on CAN interface with external devices operating under SAE J1939 standard.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage 27 (+6 | -5) V
Relay outputs (27V, 3A). 20 pc
Audio output on load 8 Ohm        5W Analog inputs
Analog inputs (measurement of voltage, 


signals from speed sensors)

18 pc.
Operating temperature range -10°C … + 55°C
LCD matrix monochrome pixels  320×240