Control panel PU-181-05M

Exhibition “Agrosalon” 2018

Control panel PU-181-05M


It was designed to control the units of the combine harvester.

It can be installed on the following types of combine harvesters produced by Rostselmash:


The development of the line of PU 181-05

  • A new silicone keyboard with backlit key notation.
  • Improved parameters for the EMS.
  • Complete interchangeability with previous versions of panel:
    PU-181-04, PU-181-05

Functional features

  • Operator control of operating modes of combine units.
  • Control signals formation according to the specified algorithms.
  • Continuous monitoring of the control circuits with fault alarm.
  • Reception and processing of relay and analog inputs (measurement of voltage, resistance, processing of signals from speed sensors)
  • Information exchange via CAN interface with external devices operating under SAE J1939 standard.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage 27 (+6 | -5) V
Relay outputs (27V, 3A) 20 pcs.
Output PWM (300 Hz, 1 A) 1 pc.
Relay inputs 13 pcs.
Analog inputs (signals from speed sensors) 2 pcs.
Operating temperature range -10°C … + 55°C