Instrument panel PP-09U

Instrument panel PP-10U
Instrument panel PP-08U

Instrument panel PP-09U


It was designed to control the operation of units and systems of tractors, bulldozers and other types of construction machines.

It can be installed on machines manufactured by Promtractor.

Functional features

  • Information display of status, operating mode and key performance indicators.
  • Information collection from different types of sensors.
  • Emergency situations recording and an event e-log maintaining.
  • Continuous analysis of signal circuits, external devices and sensors to identify their emergency functioning with subsequent indication of this situation.
  • Sound and speech messages formation to alert the operator.
  • Information exchange via CAN interface with external devices operating under SAE J1939 standard.

Technical parameters

Supply voltage 27 V (+6 V | – 5 V)
Relay outputs 1pc.
Audio output with a 4 Ohm load 2W
Relay inputs 16 pcs.
Analog inputs (voltage, resistance measurement, signals from speed sensors) 7pcs.
LCD matrix monochrome  192х128 pixels